COVID-19 Information: Keeping You Safe!

First of all I want to thank each of you for your continued support during this time. Many of our commercial and regularly scheduled homes have maintained and even increased our services during this time understanding the need for cleanliness and sanitation. Our number 1 priority during the Covid19 crisis is keeping our customers and employees safe. To this effect, we are using cleaning and disinfecting materials recommended by the CDC and World Health Organization. These cleaning materials are proven to reduce or eliminate the spread of the Covid19 virus. Our cleaning services provide protection for you and others in your home and we are dedicated to doing our part in reducing the spread of this virus. In addition, our cleaning teams have been instructed in the proper methods of both personal and client protection while our services are performed. Social distancing and enhanced personal hygiene procedures have been mandated. Clearly, we are committed to delivering our cleaning services in the most professional manner possible to keep you and your family safe. Following the recommendations of our nation’s top medical authorities, periodic cleaning of your home and facilities ensures that the spread of the Covid19 virus is minimized. Our entire team is dedicated to helping the Vail Valley through this crisis, ensuring that all of our clients receive the professional service they have come to expect from Sweeping Change. Keeping you safe is my top priority.

Elisse Kelley and The Sweeping Change Team

CERTIFIED COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness: 2020 CIRI Science Symposium

Partnering with SteamMaster to Keep Evyerone Safe: SteamMaster has been a trusted source for specialty cleaning services in the Valley since 1977. In a continued effort to provide safe and sanitary conditions Sweeping Change has partnered with SteamMaster for a product that is a trusted disinfectant for Coronavirus (COVID-19), backed by EPA's List N. (#61178-1-73884).

Health and Safety Update

Happy Saturday everyone,

We are continuing to successfully navigate these challenging times and as always stay educated and informed in an effort to keep a viable business with healthy staff and clients.   We have spent a considerable amount of time this week continuing to participate in workshops focused on microbial,  infection, and contamination control measures for infectious disease outbreak situations such as the novel coronavirus.  We have also continued working closely with SteamMaster on our combined efforts to provide fogging methods in conjunction with full sanitization.   Sweeping Change is constantly seeking information for best practices in safety, health, and continued cleanliness.

Vail Health / Colorado Mountain Medical has done a fantastic job with aggressive testing for the virus and is leading the nation for COVID – 19 testing per capita.  An enormous thank you to Dr. Brooks Bock, CEO of Colorado Mountain Medical, now an affiliate of Vail Health for the strides he has taken in this community.  Because of these efforts, each member of my team was allowed to be tested through the MIRA Bus program.  All test results have come back negative and we are continuing to monitor our staff daily.

Sweeping Change wants to make a difference in these challenging times and clean for health to break the chain of infection.  Please continue to stay healthy and safe and my sincere thank you again to each of you supporting and working with Sweeping Change through this worldwide pandemic.

Have a great weekend!


Elisse Kelley and the Sweeping Change Team

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